Fife Butchers - Trainee

Published:13 June 2024

Fife Butchers – New Careers New Opportunities 

Starting a new career is never easy, starting a new career in a different country can be overwhelming. Kevin has moved from South Africa as the situation there continues to be challenging. 

My first meeting with Kevin, I found a young person, well presented and able to converse easily. However, it was clear his confidence and self-esteem had been impacted by their experiences in his home country. 

Without the support of the employer, Fife Butchers and the Fife Job Contract (FJC), this young person may have been left without an aim to progress or the opportunity to develop. Via the employer, Kevin has developed skills and understanding of business needs and customer service. Through the FJC, they have received continued support, advice and guidance, ensuring they are confident to move forward and any concerns they have had have been addressed and resolved. A positive pathway has been established and my client is progressing well.  

Under the watchful eye of Amanda, Owner (Right of Photo) and under the guidance and tutelage of Jim, manager Kevin is an enthusiastic Trainee Butcher.  

Kevin is learning about the business and the specialist areas of preparation and delivery. Customer service plays an important part, and Kevin has a natural way with customers.  

Having gained experience is the use of various machinery, safe usage and cleaning, Kevin has also learnt how to make haggis, making and completing the various kinds of sausages. Kevin is currently learning about the preparation and sale of specialist meats. 

The Fife Job Contract has worked with this employer for over 6 years, supporting young people and adults into employment. When I asked Kevin how he was doing, this is what he had to say, ‘ I really enjoy working here. The team are great, and I am learning every day.’ 

Speaking with Amanda, she is looking to the future and had this to say,’ Very good at work, with two years' worth of training there is potential for a management position. He is very good with the customers.’ 

The future looks bright for Kevin. 

Fife Butchers with new trainee in front of shop