Fife Job Contract working with 3rd Sector for Positive Outcomes

Published:26 June 2024

3rd Sector Opening Doors to Nourish Young People 

 Over the past few years, life has been challenging for everyone, even more so for those with additional challenges and health conditions. One of our clients on the Fife Job Contract, Jai has made great strides since joining Nourish Support as a Community Hug General Assistant.  

Nourish Support provides services to support families, their carers’ and all who use their services. Based in the Mercat Centre in Kirkcaldy, the Community Hub has a small team and offering a paid post to Jai will provide work experience and specialist experience supporting the team and working with families affected by disability. 

Fife Job Contract has supported the employer and the client. This post is ideally suited to Jai’s skills and is a naturing and developmental environment.  Jai is looking to with his current employer, developing his understanding and skills within this unique environment. 


Jai has been with the employer for almost a year and has made exceptional progress, this is clearly seen in the increase level of confidence, engagement with colleagues and member of the public. With clear evidence of personal growth, Jai has completed a number of courses including Food Hygiene & Safety Level 2 and a Fire Safety Course. 


Jai was very happy to tell us, ‘my attendance and timekeeping is really good, and I am well supported in the workplace by all the staff. I enjoy working here.’ 

The employer explained that Jai,’... is doing really well, able to adapt well to changes and work independently as well as within the team.’