Interested in undertaking an apprenticeship scheme?

An apprenticeship is a great way to learn a trade whilst starting to build a career and earn an income. You can develop practical skills working on-site with experienced employees supported by a training course. Apprenticeships placements can vary from being trained as an employee, or through day-release with a business during a college course. 

At the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll have not only gained a qualification but valuable workplace skills and experience.

Types of apprenticeships

There are a number of routes which you could undertake an apprenticeship: 

  • Foundation apprenticeships
  • Modern apprenticeships
  • Graduate apprenticeships
  • Bespoke apprenticeships
  • Adult apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships 

Foundation Apprenticeships Foundation ApprenticeshipsFoundation Apprenticeships Foundation Apprenticeships

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All about Foundation Apprenticeships: 

My Foundation Apprenticeship Story: Hear from Caitlin her experiences so far:

Foundation Apprenticeships, Positions, Features and  Benefits info for parents:


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2018/2019 Foundation Apprenticeships: 


Help businesses keep track of their money, find new ways to grow and make bigger profits. If you love a challenge and you’re a good problem-solver, a Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy could be your solution.

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Business Skills 

Business Skills is about knowing what makes a company successful. That could be managing people, creating a strategy, making sales, organising projects or understanding customers. It’s the core tasks that make businesses work.

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Civil Engineering 

Our towns and cities are designed and built by civil engineers. They create everything from our tallest buildings, to canals, bridges and even electricity networks.

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Creative and Digital Media 

Do you love being creative? Thought about working in film, TV, radio, publishing, games or online media? The creative industries in Scotland combine technical skills, design, and storytelling.

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What is engineering? The short answer is, everything around you. Engineers help create milk cartons, aeroplanes, wind turbines – even the device you’re using to read this page. They find new, better ways to solve problems.

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Financial Services 

Financial services is big business. From banking and insurance, to accountancy and credit unions, it’s about managing the money that keeps everything else ticking along.

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Food and Drink Technologies 

The food and drink industry in Scotland is vast and rapidly expanding, serving up a tempting selection of exciting career prospects. There is growing demand for skills across the whole sector, including food science, product development, nutrition and wellbeing, packaging, research, design and engineering.

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Hardware and System Support 

Every business in the country depends on technology – and the ICT and digital technologies industry just keeps growing. So, jobs in hardware and system support are vital.

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Scientific Technologies 

Science has the power to change the world. Right here in Scotland, people are working on the next great discoveries – from drug development and neuroscience to stem cell research and bioinformatics.

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Social Services and Healthcare 

Work in this rewarding and vital sector means caring for vulnerable people. You’ll support people when they need it most, and help them live in comfort and dignity.

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Social Services: Children and Young People 

All children deserve the best possible start in life. You could have a job making sure they get that – and grow up to be happy and confident.

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Software Development 

Software development is behind every app you use, every computer game you play. Databases, virtual reality, robotics – and much more. Plus, the ICT and digital technologies industry just keeps growing.

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Use the resources below to find out more about each apprenticeship opportunity.


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