Keyworker & Job Brokerage

Are you looking to get into or return to work?

Whether you’ve been out of work for two weeks or 40 years, the Keyworker and Job Brokerage Team can help you to move closer to work.  Whether it’s updating your CV, getting you interview-ready, improving your qualifications or helping you to get the right support, we will support you.  We’re free, local and here to help.


We offer:


  • One-to-One Support

We’ll meet you locally to help you with your next steps and support you to find work.


  • Search and Apply

We can help you build a CV, look for work, write cover letters and complete applications.  We’ll also help prepare you for interviews.


  • Training and Funding

We’ll assist you to apply for funding for training, childcare, travel, workwear and other costs to help you to reach your goal.


  • Work Experience and Placements

We’ll work with you to find placements and work experience relevant to you, locally.  This will help you get vital hands-on experience and may lead to paid employment.


  • Links to Support and Opportunities

We work with other organisations that offer a wide range of support and opportunities for you to get any further help you need.


Client Quotes:

Excellent, as staff went that extra mile” Irene, 42, unemployed for 12 years

I had no idea I had so much to put in my applications” Karen, 21, single parent

They gave me the boost to go for my ideal job” Thomas, 34, made redundant


Contact Details:


General Information:

Rosemary Henderson

03451 555 555 Ext: 406728

Mob: 07715039353



Dunfermline and West Fife:

Sheelagh Lister

Tel: 03451 555 555 Ext: 460068

Mob: 07964096018




Laura Baillie

Tel: 03451 555 555 Ext: 473702

Mob: 07946 803 520



Tracy Brown

Tel: 03451 555 555 Ext: 456877

Mob: 07507 668 238




Stewart Goldie

Tel: 03451 555 555 406 712

Mob: 07904 661 856




Alison Davidson

Tel: 03451 555 555 406726

Mob: 07904 303 549




Sandra Edwards

Tel: 03451 555 555 Ext: 402193

Mob: 07985 755 873



Emma Linton

Tel: 03451 555 555 Ext: 402437

Mob: 07508 504 313



Cupar and East Fife:

Elizabeth Bell-Scott

Tel: 03541 555 555 Ext: 453050

Mob: 07507 668 234




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