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Release Date: 23/03/2021 13:59

Megan Healy a Foundation Apprenticeship student from Balwearie High School is set to start an

exciting new career challenge as she moves to study her dream job of a Modern Apprentice

Childcare Practitioner with Building Blocks Nursery.


Megan completed her Foundation Apprenticeship qualification and as part of this attended work

placements with local schools and nurseries. Megan’s confidence really grew as she participated in

numerous activities in her placements. Unfortunately, Megan’s placement had to be cut short due

to the pandemic.


Upon leaving school Megan had always dreamed of obtaining a Modern Apprenticeship. The

pandemic presented immediate challenges for recruitment and Megan was finding it difficult to find

her dream opportunity. Megan reached out to her Employability Officer for some support with her

applications and for some interview tips. Megan unfortunately didn’t get the first job she applied for,

which is not uncommon in the job market and especially in the middle of a pandemic. This didn’t

deter Megan from trying again. She was not going to give up on her dream job. Megan continued to

apply for vacancies and was offered not one but two modern apprenticeships. Without Handpicked

Scotland this opportunity would never have presented itself, and we are eternally grateful to all at

Handpicked Scotland for this wonderful opportunity that has given Megan the career start she has

worked hard for and deserves.


“I was unsure what I really wanted to do before starting my Foundation Apprenticeship, early into my Foundation Apprenticeship things clicked into place and my experience on the course confirmed that I wanted to work in a nursery. I am so happy that I was offered a chance of an apprenticeship with Building Blocks doing a job I have dreamt of doing. I can’t wait to get started.”

Megan Healy


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