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Release Date: 14/01/2022 13:33

Jenna McKay a pupil who attended Inverkeithing High School was one of our Foundation Apprenticeship pupil studying Children and Young people from 2017-2019

Why did you apply for the Foundation Apprenticeship?

To be honest, at the time I wasn’t doing well at school and didn’t really know what I wanted to do at all. I chose Foundation Apprenticeship to get me out the learning environment I was in, change up my learning style and study something I was interested in. I never really had thoughts or ambitions as to what I wanted to do after school; so this was a chance for me to start a fresh and experience a new subject


Did you have any experience of Childcare/working with Children from courses in school?

No, but after I completed the foundation apprenticeship (I completed in S5), I went on to study Higher Childcare in School in my S6 Year and really enjoyed it.


Was the FA different to other subjects within school?

Looking back, it was setting you up for University learning as the teaching style is so similar. You’re set tasks and required to go off and investigate/research the subject; then create evidence to show your working. I found school very prescriptive and it didn’t really work for me. I also liked the independent learning that came with the Foundation Apprenticeship, you were given deadlines and allowed the freedom to work at your own pace but stick to the strict deadline. This really set me up well for university.


What Work Based Learning did you get on the Foundation Apprenticeship?

I undertook my work placement at Inverkeithing Primary School, we got to chose between either older or younger children, so I asked to split my time between Primary and Nursery on different days. This was a great way to get a look into what pathway would be best, as I hadn’t got the opportunity to experience a physical placement before the foundation apprenticeship. On Monday I was with a P3 Class and on Wednesday I was with a nursery class.


After School, What was your chosen pathway?

Before applying for Foundation Apprenticeship, I never would have thought of myself going to University. I got the mindset that university was a possibility from the FA and my employability officer. I had always thought I’d go into Childcare but when my nan was very ill in hospital; I got to see the great work that the NHS nurses were doing, and it inspired me to follow into a career within nursing. I applied for Adults Nursing at Edinburgh Napier and received an interview. The Admissions team were really impressed with the experience I had gained and took a lot of interest in the FA as a lot of the modules cross over into personal care ( e.g. Communication and Safeguarding). The FA was accepted as an A for my university entry requirements which gave me the eligibility to attend the course.


What are you currently doing?

I’m currently in second year of an Adult nursing degree at Edinburgh Napier University and hope to specialise in Palliative care. Through the course, I have been able to learn and work alongside colleagues in the NHS. I have been getting training throughout from the Nurses on the wards, so I can now take blood and change catheters and

cannulars. I’m currently working around 40 Hours per week within the hospital alongside my lectures and workshops so it’s a very busy time, but I love it.


What are your plans for the future?

I’ve got 1 year to go and then looking into applying for a masters studying Paramedic Science, currently looking at Queen Margaret University


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of undertaking a Foundation Apprenticeship in Children and Young People?

I’d definitely recommend anyone thinking about Foundation Apprenticeship to go for it. It’s nothing like what you think it will be, the learning style is different, the modules are interesting and the experience you get in terms of learning and work experience is second to none. I didn’t go to University for childcare but it got me in the headspace of getting into a university mindset and certain modules (Safeguarding, Communication and Wellbeing) resonating easily into the Healthcare setting and helps me massively on a daily basis on my University course and working in the NHS.


Here is what Liam Mason one of our Employability Officer for the Foundation Apprenticeships Inverkeithing High School said!

I recently met with one of my students who studied Foundation Apprenticeship Children and Young People on the 2017-2019 cohort. From first meeting her, she was a very quiet person, who didn’t really know what she wanted to do after school or know what her interests were. Now seeing her at Edinburgh Napier University studying Adult Nursing, her confidence has improved, her self-belief has improved and she now truly knows what her passion in life is. This for me, is the biggest job satisfaction; when you work with young people and see them fully achieve their potential. Good luck in all that you achieve in life, Jenna. You truly deserve it!



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