Graduate apprenticeships

What is a Graduate Apprenticeship?

Graduate Apprenticeships provide work-based learning opportunities up to Master’s degree level for new and existing employees. 

They have been created in partnership with industry and the further and higher education sector. The apprenticeships combine academic knowledge with skills development to enable participants to become more effective and productive in the workplace. Graduate apprenticeships are a ground-breaking initiative, creating degree-qualified employees with key skills tailored to the needs of business. Explore our range of programmes.

Hear from Lynne Somerville Business Relationship Manager at Heriot Watt University

How is the programme delivered?

Study includes standard classroom sessions with other apprentices taught by our leading academics and industry experts, as well as via online learning modules, directed learning and work-based projects.

We work with employers to ensure the learning experience of apprentices develops them into the graduates industry needs. We do this through initial programme design and regular update meetings to ensure that apprentices meet all of the required outcomes over the four-year programme.

We will help devise projects and identify desired outcomes for the mutal benefit of the individual and business, while meeting the outcomes of the apprenticeship framework.

Each apprentice has a dedicated academic supervisor and we arrange regular supervisiory meetings, either on-site or via conference call on Skype.

Places are in high demand, and offered on a first come first served basis to qualified employees.

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