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Fife Council Internal Activity:  

Employment Recruitment Incentives (Fife Job Contract). Fife Council has simplified the various employment incentives under one overarching programme. The Fife Job Contract is the single portal approach for all employers to access all age funding to create additional jobs and apprenticeships. Employers can apply for the funding available through NOLB, YPG and DWP Kickstart Gateway. Through this approach we can provide employers with the most appropriate funding for them whilst “hiding the wiring” and providing additional signposting to other business support available. Support includes action planning, access to training, support with advertising jobs and assistance to claim the funding. We priorities employers from key and recovering sectors providing help for those clients who without support would not achieve a positive destination. Employers can access this service through fjc@fife.gov.uk 

The summary of outcomes can be displayed as follows;

Fife Job Contract Programme 


Jobs to Date 21/22 

Total Planned 21/22 

Total Planned 22/23

Kickstart (DWP) 
























The above forecast is subject to budget approval for 22/23. Therefore, the target may require to be adjusted once the budget for Fife Council has been confirmed and approved. Fife Council will continue to support sustainability interventions post Kickstart delivery. We anticipate around 80 placements to be supported into sustainable jobs. 18 for 21/22 and 62 for 22/23.

The Ongoing FJC Priorities can be summarised as follows:

  • Continue to roll out the FJC Model within the wider partnership for Third Sector and public sector stakeholders. Maximising the jobs and apprenticeships in Fife for young people and adults. 
  • Continue to priorities those clients with barriers who without support would not achieve a positive destination. 
  • Implement sustainability interventions to support clients with the Kickstart scheme to retain/sustain employment. 
  • Implement sectoral academy responses to support sectors such as hospitality, tourism and transportation. 
  • Deliver motivational programmes aimed at those individuals who require additional support to make the first step towards employment. 
  • Implementation of Intermediate Labour Market approaches where priority clients can access training and support whilst earning a wage working on locally identified community priorities such as environmental works and amenity improvements. 
  • Continue to support sustainability interventions post Kickstart delivery. We anticipate around 80 placements to be supported into sustainable jobs. 18 21/22 and 62 22/23.

Fife Council Supported Employment Service are involved in delivering the following programmes which are core funded: 

  • End to end key worker support through application of a five stage employability pathway for young disabled people age 19-24. This plugs external funding gaps of ESIF and NOLB funding streams. 
  • Autism profiling for people of all ages- to support people with ASD to develop coping strategies and mechanisms that help them understand their social challenges/idiosyncrasies and increases entry to and sustainment within employment. 
  • Prescription to Work and Retention Support: in-work support for people struggling to sustain their jobs because of disability or ill health, early intervention for people currently off sick from work, a social prescribing model in partnership with GP surgeries in some localities that aims to reduce repeat visits to surgeries and engages individuals in meaningful planning and employability support that improves their mental wellbeing 
  • Supported Employment Training: work-based activities and development of transferrable employability skills with the aim of helping progress people to work readiness and build action plans that help individuals progress effectively into employment 
  • Accessible Fife: pre-work/apprenticeship academy for young disabled people that links available funding to meet their work aspirations and negotiates accommodated apprenticeships and opportunities with suitable employers 
  • Employer Engagement and Capacity building: FCSES have a lead role in engaging with employers and supporting them to improve their capacity to employ and retain disabled people. This is achieved through delivery of Disability and Disability Specific Awareness Training, lead in design and promotion of Just Ask Listen Talk, a toolkit for employers to support the creation and sustainment of mentally healthy workplaces, Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Disabled People guidance and Individual Risk Assessment for Accommodations and Adjustments in the Workplace. 

Fife Council Supported Employment Service are involved in the following programmes which are externally funded: 

  • Special Schools Project: working alongside all special schools in Fife to design and deliver a tailored employability programme for senior phase students predominantly with learning disabilities, and developing employer connections to encourage the offer of work experience and potentially, paid employment for young people leaving education as an alternative to college Adult Learning Programmes 
  • Positive Pathways for Adults: Supported Employment adult provision for adults with disabilities, health conditions and mild to moderate mental health issues. 
  • Positive Pathways for Parents: End to end employability support for parents of children of all ages- including grandparents supporting adult children with childcare or care, that also offers remote short employability course to develop digital and transferrable work skills. 
  • Employment Access and Support for Young People 16-18





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