Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment

Part 1: Background and Information

Part 2: Evidence and Impact Assessment

Explain what the positive and/or negative impact of the policy change is on any of the protected characteristics

Part 3: Recommendations and Sign Off

(Recommendaions should be based on evidence available at the time and aim to mitigate negative impacts or enhance positive impacts on any or all of the protected characteristics).

Sign off

(By signing off the EgIA, you are agreeing that the EgIA represents a thorough and proportionate analysis of the policy based on evidence listed above and there is no indication of unlawful practice and the recommendations are proportionate.

Equality Impact Assessment Summary Report

(to be attached as an Appendix to the committee report or for consideration by any other partnership forum, board or advisory group as appropriate)

One of the following statements must be included in the "Impact Assessment" section of any committee report. Attach as an appendix the completed EgIA Summary form to the report - not required for option (1).

  1. An EgIA has not been completed and is not necessary for the following reasons: (please write in brief description)
  2. The general duties section of the impact assessment and the summary form has been completed - the summary form is attached to the report.
  3. An EgIA and summary form have been completed - the summary form is attached to the report.


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